A free consultancy service for local residents

We provide a consultancy service to spouses and family to better understand what dementia is and how to find local support services, This is a FREE service for local residents. 

For Spouses and Family.

FREE consultancy service for local residents.



We know that people are scared about dementia. There are many types of disease that causes dementia but they all effects the brain which invariably result in:-

  • Difficulties with memory
  • Difficulties with everyday task, like handling money

  • Difficulties with communication, such as language and finding words,

  • Difficulties with perception

 Dementia is a progressive condition with mild symptoms in the early stages which generally worsen over time and dementia affects everyone differently.



Once a diagnoses has been determine, now what do you do?????

You may be scared about what the future holds. Finding the correct information about dementia and understanding your options is often very difficult. Investigating, researching, and locating the services and medical facilities that you will need to support you and your family can be challenging.



Tim has a consultancy service that helps you navigate this new environment and find the right services to suit your current and future health care needs. This is a FREE service to local residents and Tim approaches these difficult and challenging discussions with sensitivity so that you feel more in control.

 Please contact Tim directly to discuss your specific needs and goals -

0406 764 340 or via the contact page.