‘Hi Tim, I would just like to thank you for your talk tonight. Apart from learning more about dementia, I thought the quality of your talk was excellent. It was simple, forceful, non-technical and therefore easy to understand’. (Roger, March 2017)

‘Most people don't want to think about their future health. This session made me think about the care available and the importance of making plans for future care’. (Claire, Jan 2018)

‘The Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre is highly supportive of Tim’s Dementia Friendly initiative’. (Professor James Vickers, Sept 2017).

 ‘I will surely recommend my friends to attend such sessions’.  (Graham, Aug 2017)

‘Dear Tim, I am very impressed - by your energy as well as your success. Best wishes’. (Professor Richard Fleming, Nov 2017)

 ‘The video presentation provided excellent real world examples of dementia and the overall presentation was succinct and precise. Loved the group discussion/Q & A. I have encouraged RN's and Carers that I work with to attend’. (Debbie, Oct 2017)

 ‘Tim is an enthusiastic and friendly presenter. Pace of session was good, and I think Tim struck just the right note engaging with this group’. (Neil, July, 2017)

 ‘Neil and I went to the 3pm session of Tim's Dementia forum and have to say it was excellent.  We learnt so much from it and were so glad we went. Tim is so knowledgeable on the subject of dementia and communicates it so well and with much passion, we learnt so much, it was so well done. Thanks again’. (Sandy, Jan 2018)

 ‘Tim describes how to assist dementia sufferers, what is available to help them 'out there' and most importantly, how to recognise someone else with 'possible' early onset dementia’. (R&D, Dec, 2017)